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Most recent projects

Each semester, 4 to 5 projects are carefully selected to help maximize their social impact. 
As a consultant or project leader, you will be part of an exciting journey to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Here you will find a brief description of each organization as well as a brief description of the specific projects that were succesfully conducted.



Auxilia is dedicated to helping underprivileged people learn. The non-profit assists citizens in challenging conditions and offers support for their school work and in their skill development journey.

This project aims to develop an organizational strategy to attract volunteers and increase their retention rate. The end-goal is to establish a plan to increase the sustainability of Auxilia's workforce.

Community Land Trust Leuven

Community Land Trust Leuven is a democraticaly organized non-profit that focuses on developing affordable housing solutions for low-income families. CLT Leuven sells houses to families while keeping the land in the community.

This project aims to research and optimize the resale formula for CLT homes. The students get to research different resale formulas and conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best method for CTL Leuven.

Citizen Science Vlaanderen

Scivil connects and supports people with the right tools to solve citizen science projects. Thanks to Scivil, citizens from different backgrounds can solve scientific and societal problems together.

This project aims to research innovative business models for citizen science projects. The consultants get to select the best implementation plan for Scivil projects. 

The Shift

The Shift is a Belgian centre for sustainability. They develop innovative solutions for the biggest challenges facing our environment, society and economy with their partners such as UN, Global Compact, CSR Europe, ...

This project aims to research the sustainability market landscape. The goal is to identify organizations that could be partners or merger target companies for The Shift.